Pastries and Coffee Cakes

Specialty Pastries
Coffee Cakes
Raspberry Almond Cheese Pocket Pecan
Blueberry Butter Roll Almond
Cheese Cinnamon Roll Blueberry Cheese
Apricot Cinnamon Twist Apple Cinnamon
Cherry Bearclaw Raspberrry
Lemon Chocolate Croissant German Chocolate
Pineapple Ham & Cheese Croissant
Apple Almond Croissant

Cookies, Muffins, Donuts and Artisan Breads

Cookies Muffins / Donuts Artisan Breads
Chocolate Cup The Jolt – Espresso Muffin Country Rustic (round)
Chocolate Chip Blueberry with Sugar Glaze Challah (large)
Peanut Butter Orange with Light White Icing Focaccia (square)
Peanut Butter / Chocolate Chip Apple Cider Donut Baguette
Mountain Munch Original Glazed Donut Ciabatta
Snickerdoodle Glazed Donut w Sprinkles Egg Rolls
Sugar Croissants
Lemon Crinkle
Oatmeal Raisin
Macadamia Nut
Red Velvet
Iced Cutout


Additional/custom cake sizes are also available – please email for all custom cake requests

Size Serves Price
6″ Round 6-7 $22
8″ Round 10-12 $28
9″ Round 12-14 $32
10″ Round 15-17 $40
12″ Round 19-22 $56
1/4 Sheet 20-35 $56
1/2 Sheet 40-50 $75


Size Price
Mini (dozen) $8.75
Regular (single) $2
Specialty Order required

Cake Flavors, Icing and Filling

Cake Flavors
Icing Flavors
Filling Flavors
White Natural White Buttercream Buttercream
Chocolate Chocolate Buttercream Chocolate Mousse
Carrot Cream Cheese Vanilla Mousse
Red Velvet German Chocolate (extra $) Raspberry Mousse
Almond Peppermint (Dec – Jan) Lemon Curd
Apple Spice (Sep – Nov) Fruit – Raspberry
Pumpkin (Sep – Nov) Fruit – Cherry
Gingerbread (Sep – Jan) Fruit – Strawberry
Pink Champagne (Dec – Jan) Fruit – Pineapple
Strawberry (Feb – Aug)
Lemon (Feb – Aug)


All drinks are made to order with house made flavors (caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry, vanilla)

Thou Mayest Coffee Lattes, Mochas, Hot Chocolate Other Drinks
Journeyman Vanilla Latte Chai Tea Latte
Alter Ego Espresso Caramel Latte Shatto Root Beer Chai Tea
Single Origin: Shatto Milk Latte Hugo Tea Grey-Line
Colombia Popayan Tierradentro Chocolate Mocha Hugo Tea Rest Easy
Ethiopia Kochere White Chocolate Mocha Hugo Tea True Jasmine
Sumatra Megah Bersiri Hot Chocolate Shatto Coffee Milk
Sulawesi Toarco A White Hot Chocolate Shatto Root Beer Milk
Mexico Decaf Vanilla Cappuccino Shatto Chocolate Milk
Caramel Cappuccino Shatto Strawberry Milk
Shatto 2% Milk

T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs

Email us at for all T-Shirt and coffee mug orders – picture of T-Shirt and of assorted mug colors can be found on our Instagram feed